Why Smart Consumer

Even the savviest consumers who take the time to conduct their own research or have an 850 credit score often times miss the money being pulled out from underneath them. Creditors are extremely sneaky about how they steal your money. It helps everyone who might not have known that their “free” checking account was slowly eroding away their monthly earnings. Or their credit card bill they pay in full on-time every month was sneaking in an additional 0.02% to each charge.

People who are strapped for cash, deep in debt or have lower credit scores often feel guilt or embarrassment which causes them to bend under pressure or abuse allowing this industry to take advantage of them. We are the norm – not the exception and there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. More of us have been there then they like to admit; again because our bankers made this a very taboo topic. Knowing the truth is important. The truth wakes us up and prepares us for any battle that needs to be fought whether on a personal or national level. More important the truth helps those in dire situations to know that they are not alone. It helps spread the word that as a community we can stand together and drive change without feeling isolated.

A majority of people have been duped into thinking that the financial problems in the world; the mortgage crisis, stock market bubbles or unemployment, rests on consumers. Some have the misconception that these problems were brought on by us. However this could not be further from the truth. If you are one of the very brainwashed people that refuse to see the truth then these workshops,education centers and self help websites are not for you. But when that day comes that you awaken from The Matrix and see things how they really are, maybe because the bank held your money, or you are being garnished illegally on a debt you were unaware of, or your credit card balance jumped up a thousand dollars and your credit card company refused to explain where that came from – Smart Consumer will be here. We will ALWAYS be here teaching consumers everything banks and creditors do not want them to know. We will be here arming you with the knowledge to fight back. Teaching you what your rights are so you can teach your children and grandchildren.

Having this knowledge will stop the cycle, break the status quo and force change.

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