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There’s no better time than now to register to attend one of our free events. Get the knowledge you need to succeed in navigating the complicated financial landscape and ensuring your rights are protected. Complacency is the last place you want to be when it comes to your finances. Do not be one of the credit zombie hoard. Get the power and tools you need to keep yourself, your family and loved ones protected.

Free Seminars

These 1 hour seminars are short, sweet and packed with a punch and use as little of your time as possible. We would be surprised if you do not leave this seminar feeling down-right outraged at what the financial industry is doing, but also feeling confident you know where to start in defending yourself and setting things right.

Why Free?

That is the right price isn’t it? We offer a single type of event that has been, currently is and always will be free. Nor is this some introductory sales pitch. It is a genuine introduction to a world you may have never known existed, with invaluable information regarding your rights, laws and protections in place that you can use today. Information that will better your life, your financial situation and even your peace of mind. You will leave with lots of information and materials, as well as a treasure trove of resources to help you on your journey. A small fraction of you will also leave wanting to use easy to follow, readily available, convenient tools that make it far easier to stand up for yourself and handle those financial skeletons in your closet. For those people we offer automated self-help tools at a low cost through our affiliate site: This is the site that contains a huge amount of free information regarding everything credit, finances, banking, collections and consumer protection law.

Half Day Interactive Workshops

These workshops are half-day intensive deep dives into several aspects of the financial, banking, credit and collections industries. Not just a look at the industry itself, but the aspect of consumer protection, common mistakes and pitfalls as well as techniques and ways to dig yourself out and prevent yourself from being buried alive.

These workshops typically have 2 to 4 break-out sessions specializing in more specific scenarios or issues and then follow up with opportunities for 15 minute, private 1 on 1 personal help sessions to work through tough issues or questions as well as a public Q & A closure.

If you are feeling trapped, lost or have a problem you just can’t seem to make go away and have not been able to find the right kind of help online, through friends or family and think there’s no way out, this is a MUST attend.

Your Credit Report 101

Do you know how to read your credit report? Do you think a score or the credit reporting agencies’ pretty color-coding properly sums it up for you? Do you think your report is accurate and correct? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are wrong. We have met plenty of loan officers and credit analysts that work with the banks themselves which do not know how to properly read a credit report or how to properly identify inaccurate information. In today’s credit market you are lucky if people look past the FICO score. Our workshops cover reading your credit report and how to know what items are accurate vs. inaccurate.

We offer this life-changing seminar to college students just starting off in the world all the way to retired American’s looking at reverse mortgages. It is important to know where you stand, and who is looking to take advantage of you.

Did you know the lower your credit score is, the more money the credit reporting agencies make off you being in their database? Ever get an offer for a prepaid credit card or a no-credit/low-credit car loan mailer? Chances are if you have a less than ideal credit score or punitive marks on your credit report the credit reporting agencies are making money off you by selling marketing lists to companies looking to take advantage of your situation. With this what incentives do the credit reporting bureaus have to fix mistakes or even maintain quality records in the first place?

Do not rely on a fancy TV jingle for some free credit report monitoring system. Every credit report monitoring website you will find out there is after all, you guessed it, owned and operated by the credit reporting bureaus themselves. Learn the facts and how to read your own credit report as well as what you can do to make sure it’s accurate.