Feeling Isolated, Alone and Under Pressure?

Our government and bankers (actually one in the same) have carefully crafted how society looks at financial hardships. The bankers did this because by making financial distress a taboo topic it closes doors to consumers talking and learning from each other. When you talk to others about any subject it is easier to put pieces of the puzzle together and see who the real culprit is. Bankers know if consumers were aware of how the banking industry really worked the general public would stop banking altogether.

Past due loans, overextended credit cards and collection accounts can drive a wedge between friends, marriage and family because of undue stress. Being contacted and harassed by creditors puts strain on us and we in turn take it out on our families. Collection agencies, credit card issuers and banks violate consumers rights especially when they know the consumer is uneducated on how to protect themselves. The good (and yet sad) news is that you are not alone. Most people are unaware that over ninety-three percent of the activities banks engage in against consumers are illegal. This is how the bankers like it because it is that much more they can get away with.

So when it comes to being in a bad financial situation, some your fault, some (if not most) not – the important message here is that you are not alone. Millions of American’s are going through the same hardships. Most are just simply too embarrassed to come forward or seek help. Again; exactly the way the bankers want it. Remember our society has been carefully crafted to make you feel guilty and ashamed of things that are out of your control but you have the choice to do something to help yourself. You DO have a choice and there IS something YOU can do no matter what your situation. Educating you is the entire purpose of Smart Consumer.

Today more laws are being passed making extortion legal with the threat of “debtor jail.” More and more consumers are being suckered into paying accounts that are not legitimate. Do not allow this to happen to you.