Are the free seminars just a sales gimmick?

We get this question a lot. Understandably so when in reality this is the oldest sales gimmick in the books – the bait and switch. Lure someone in with something that is free and then use that to get them to buy something else meaning what was free is really worthless. This is in no way us. Do we offer additional services for a fee, yes, do we have an affiliate site, creditzombie.org which offers paid membership for access to self-help automated tools, yes. We are not going to pitch any of this to you during this seminar. Instead we will give you some literature on it should you decide to go to the website for further education or check on the membership and what that is about. But you do that on your free time. This is not the purpose of the seminars. We are going to deliver quality information, get you geared up for whatever challenges you may be facing and hand you resources that will help you on your way; all of which are at no cost to you.

How much are the workshops?

Workshops are based off of duration and location. We’d love to make them all the same price, but we also try to ensure you are getting a real value for what you are paying as well as covering our costs. Different cities, locations and legal requirements simply drive prices lower or higher; so rather than charge people in Ohio for Los Angeles prices, we list the cost of each workshop when we post it.

What if I can’t afford to attend but feel I truly need it?

We understand the very people we are trying to help will obviously not always be able to come up with enough to attend one of our workshops. We are willing to work with you; especially those facing medical hardships, unemployment, caring for sick or disabled family members, disabled veterans and a myriad of other situations. Please send us an email at scholarships@smartconsumerllc.com if you feel you need this assistance and let us see how we can help.

Our workshop and instruction scholarships will soon be available for applications as our community funded scholarship fund grows to support those in need as this is a subject we feel is truly important for everyone to learn about and become proficient of their knowledge in.

What is your Affiliation with creditZombie.org?

Credit Zombie is our baby, so that is it. We see it as a tool to help further our educational efforts, provide free resources to consumers, raise awareness of current events, government regulations, actions and laws as well as provide consumer self-help automated tools. It is separate because it serves a slightly different purpose. After all, it is hard to convey a super professional educational image with such a cute mascot 😉