About Smart Consumer, LLC

Smart Consumer, LLC was founded in 2013 with the sole purpose of educating consumers about their rights and recourse when it comes to their credit and financial life. We have over 30 years experience in the financial industry including credit law and consumer defense. We believe that by teaching consumers the fundamental ways they are being cheated out of time, wealth, prosperity and happiness it will drive change to a growing unlawful industry.

Smart Consumer realizes that the more educated consumers are makes for a less stressful and overall happier life. When people know they are being cheated and lied to AND know what to do about it they are not as overwhelmed which makes for a more peace of mind. They also feel empowered and stronger because they know they CAN fight back and how to do it.Plus the more people we educate will hopefully disrupt an age-old system and force a rapacious industry to rethink its strategies. The idea is to force this industry to change for the better – for the consumer. Smart Consumer is driving change for today’s generation as well as tomorrow’s.

Our Background

The primary founder of Smart Consumer had a tragedy hit over fifteen years ago while working as a third party debt collector. Doing what she was trained to do (harass and abuse) she contacted a debtor regarding a small unpaid debt. This particular debtor lost his job, was recently divorced and had many medical expenses. However; instead of listening and working with him she continued to illegally harass him(several violations of the FDCPA which ultimately caused the man to commit suicide). First of all, this debt was not even collectible. It was three years out of statute of limitations and we held no paperwork on the debt. This debt had been purchased from three different collection agencies of which not one had proper documentation. Had this man known his rights and how to protect himself not only would he possibly still be alive today but would have been able to collect thousand’s of dollars in fines and fees, and as far as the the debt collector; fired as well as fined by the state attorney general’s office. Nonetheless; undeterred by the bad situation and not giving any thought to the pain and anguish that his daughter was feeling the collector asked for the death certificate. It was almost for a moment of having no soul, no heart and no compassion for his daughter. This behavior was brought on for the same reason all debt collectors violate consumers’ rights – a larger bonus check. The founder of Smart Consumer was the top debt collector in the state for a reason, but it was not a good reason. Debt collectors are rewarded greatly for this behavior. The more they mistreat debtors, the larger their bonus check. It was about a week later that we received the death certificate as well as the note that he left behind. The note that he wrote just before he died stating he was unable to take the stress anymore and the “debt collector” contacting him pushed him over the edge.

It was a week later when out of nowhere the collector (now the main founder of Smart Consumer) was hit with an overwhelming nauseating feeling that is almost unexplainable. The day she realized the pain she caused that man and his family she quit her job to open a company helping consumers from people like herself. The response that she got was overwhelming. Consumers really were being taken advantage of not knowing their rights or how to protect themselves. This needed to change which is why she set out to educate every single consumer that wants to know how to arm themselves against this rapacious industry.

Sometimes good can come out of a tragedy. The collector quit her job to be an activist for consumers. She was not going to let that mans death go in vain. To date Smart Consumer is the only company who wants to help consumers protect their wealth, their money and their sanity at no cost. Our interest IS for the consumer and nothing else.

What We Do

Our primary goal is education. How we deliver that education is through various means including seminars, interactive workshops, private consulting, campus presentations, trade shows, consumer expos, industry events, publications and literature, videos, audio/video presentations, local and regional community organizations and our affiliate online consumer self-protection info-source and tool kit, creditzombie.org.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

How we make money?

We are not a nonprofit organization, which may seem odd based on what we do, but hey, non-profit is what again? Nonprofits are government regulated companies which requires an increased burden on reporting and adding more red tape on an industry that they consider bad anyways. Nonprofit also gives the misconception that we are a charity giving away things purely on merit and we do not. Instead we are are building an army of intelligent consumers ready to stand up for themselves. And since we take part in political campaigns, work against government agencies, including the IRS we would not get approved for non-profit status anyway; we tried. Remember our governments are run by bankers and this is the very industry that we are fighting. Why would we be given the green light to help arm who they are taking advantage of?

We make money off of 4 things:

  • Affiliate Advertising – However; you will not see a single credit card offer or credit reporting agency monitoring advertisement on our site(s).
  • Interactive Workshops; these are designed for people to get the maximum amount of information in a single event; as well as specific topic break-out sessions and one on one assistance
  • Our affiliate partner creditZombie.org which is a state of the art consumer protection tool. It is an automated self help tool with guided assistance letter generator designed to simplify the process of fixing your financial situation for a small monthly membership fee.
  • Financial Contributions and Donations

All of our revenue goes towards operating costs, software development expenses, staff, advertising and political activities to drive change. The founders and board of directors of Smart Consumer, LLC do not collect a paycheck.

Everything Smart Consumer offers as well as everything we do is readily available on the internet, in your local library, library of congress, state and federal regulations, rules, laws and statutes, etc. We offer a service of bringing everything together. If you would like more information please visit our affiliate website creditZombie.org.